This is what Thanksgiving at my parents’ house looks like:

I love this photo because it captures a very classic moment. Dad is carving the turkey, the guys are watching football, Mr. Poole is being the master baby-calmer that he is, and Auntie J is looking on with her usual elegance and poise. (Most of these photo creds go to my Mom, by the way.) This was probably one of Julia’s better moments yesterday, since she isn’t interested in napping when there are all these people around to entertain! She is a people pleaser, just like her mom. Poor child.

Speaking of my poor child…

She got roped into helping with the mashed potatoes.

I was responsible for bringing Julia, potatoes, and of course, a pie. Ever since my sister was 6 and I was 10, one of our well-loved Thanksgiving traditions is the annual Pie Bake-off. Mom would give us each the “required ingredients” (1 can of pumpkin, 2 eggs, and a certain amount of sugar), but the rest of the ingredients were up to us! We put all sorts of exciting and fun things into our pies…sprinkles, marshmallows, apple butter, oregano, mint extract…thank goodness Mom stopped my sister from dumping a tablespoon of garlic powder into her pie that one year. As we have grown older, our recipes have matured, and we don’t limit ourselves to just pumpkin pie (after all, there are only so many variations of pumpkin that 3 people can make over the course of 18 years). Mr. Poole likes to make fun of the fact that there is never actually a quote-on-quote “winner” of the bake-off, but we pretend to be competitive nonetheless. Here were this years’ creations by (left to right) Mom, Auntie J, me, and Aunt Barb:

Oh, and this was the biggest understatement of the day:

Since Julia is the first grandchild, great niece, and great grandchild on my side of the family, she definitely took the house when it came time around the dinner table to share what each person was thankful for. It has been not the best of years for our family, with my little sister living overseas and my grandparents’ health problems, so another big blessing was the fact that my grandparents were there and doing well and able to enjoy themselves. What a blessing to have 4 generations under one roof!

This is Grandma Wilson. Again, my mom captured such a classic moment – Grandma telling a story, which is what she is famous for! Julia is enraptured as her “Nonna” describes her first date with my Grandpa, when he took her to the state fair. She, being a city girl, wore her nice black crepe dress, pearls, and heels, and as they were walking past the row of cows, she didn’t know to step back when one of them raised its tail! Needless to say, both Grandma and Grandpa were surprised that the other agreed to a second date after this messy incident! We actually all ended up going around the table and describing our first dates with our spouses – Uncle Tom and Aunt Barb met on a blind date, my parents met in Computer Science class in college, and Mr. Poole and I were set up by one of the teachers at my school.

Speaking of my parents…

They’re pretty awesome, and I am SO thankful to live 25 minutes away from them!

So anyway, there’s our Thanksgiving in a nutshell. Or a pie crust, whichever you prefer.


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