My special alarm clock

Who wouldn’t like waking up like this every morning?

I think Julia is a morning person. Just maybe. Because every morning, without fail, I hear this exuberant sound coming from her rocker:


This is one happy baby, folks. She sings to us to get us woken up, (long, drawn out vowels) and then proceeds to talk to us until we’re really awake (what you just saw in the video). If we don’t feed her within a half hour, she’ll start complaining. She’s got a good technique – because even if it’s 5 in the morning, we can’t help but crack up at her morning warm-ups! And we’re more likely to invite her into our bed for a morning snuggle rather than just try to plug her up with a pacifier and go back to snoozing.

This girl just likes to sing. Maybe she takes after her mama.


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