A Member of the Homemaker Club

Look at these lovely ladies.


Aren’t they beautiful??

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Our women’s Tuesday morning Bible Study at church had their annual ornament exchange today. I’m so excited that I get to be a part of this group, digging into God’s Word with some of the Godliest ladies I’ve met! They come from all backgrounds, all stages of life, but they have one thing in common: they have sacrificed much for their families and homes. Before I left my full-time job as a teacher in order to be a mom, I longed to be a part of this crowd of (mostly) experienced moms who are farther along in their spiritual journey. I love being surrounded by such wisdom.

ornament exchange1wide

There are some people who cringe at the word “homemaker.” Or “housewife.” These terms conjure up images of the 1950s for some people who believe that women have evolved and modernized themselves. Women today should strive for goals involving careers, progress, and material wealth, right?

But I don’t agree.

My mom was the valedictorian of her high school class, was the first in her whole family to graduate from college, and has a degree in computer science. But starting the day I was born, she became a full time homemaker. She packed our lunches every morning and made us dinner every night. She was there with a band-aid and a hug right after my first day at a new school when I fell on the playground and skinned my knee. For my 4th birthday, she dressed up like a clown, made little clown suits for all of my friends, and turned our minivan into a clownmobile. Our summer vacations got planned to the nth degree with trips to the beach, sewing projects, handwriting practice, sleepovers, and books. She sat down with us for prayer time every single day before we all raced out the door in different directions, and we eagerly anticipated her first-day-of-school cookies each year. (Through college, even.) Mom pitched a tent in the backyard for us when we wanted to “camp out,” and she was there to welcome us back in the house at three in the morning when it got too cold. I learned how to cook and sew, how to communicate and forgive, how to love. She could have chosen to keep her job at IBM and pay someone else to take care of us, but instead I had the priceless security of knowing that after school it would be Mom helping me with my homework and listening to me practice the piano.

mom 1990

I am so blessed to be able to give this gift to little Julia. Going from full-time teacher to full-time homemaker was the biggest promotion I could ever receive, and I am proud of the fact that my #1 responsibility is to take care of my little girl. It definitely requires sacrifice, but my Tuesday morning friends are quick to remind me that it is totally worth it!

julia joy party


2 thoughts on “A Member of the Homemaker Club

  1. What a blessing that you can pass on all the love and care your mother showed you. Julia will be blessed by being brought up in a Christian home with prayer and all. Ellie

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