Julia’s First Piano

Today we celebrated Christmas with my parents, since we’ll be out of town with Mr. Poole’s family for Christmas this year. It was so great – we did a “dinner by the bite” style meal with my grandparents, where everyone just brought an appetizer-style dish that they love, and we shared everything. It was an eclectic but delicious meal, including chicken soup, asparagus, olives, wings, hummus, and mini cheesecakes.

cookie eating

One of my favorite moments of the night happened when Mom, who was my piano teacher for the first 16 years of my life, pulled out an old Christmas duet book that dated some time in the 90s. It still had her little red pencil markings, and the stickers of achievement at the top of each page, earned when I had mastered each song. My mom doesn’t play the piano much any more, so it was SUCH a treat to plunk out some Jingle Bells with her!

duet with mom

And of course, we exchanged gifts. Somehow, my sister had managed to send gifts for us all the way from southeast Asia, and we had some little presents for each other. It’s funny, the things that I get excited about these days. Flushable diaper liners? Woo-hoo!! Bring it on!

presents from Faith

But then, my parents pulled out the big surprise – a mini piano for Julia!!!

julia's piano

I’ve been playing the piano as long as I can remember.


And baby pianos run deep in our family. Here is my mother with the mini piano she got from her parents when she was two and a half:

Mom's baby piano

I’m pretty sure I was waaaayyy more excited than Julia was about this little musical instrument! The keys were a little out of tune, but matched the notes on the real piano, and the black keys even worked! It wasn’t long before Julia and I were playing our first duet.

julia mom duet

The fun times with my little mini me have just begun!


3 thoughts on “Julia’s First Piano

  1. I love this! I have to say that this one takes me back to me and Casey!
    I was so excited when my Mom got her hers, she was just 2! We had our family Christmas photo taken with it! As soon as she started sitting up by herself, she would sit on the “real” piano bench, (with supervision, of course) and play a concert for us, with so much determination. We loved it, and it gave me such delight to sit her on my lap and sing songs with her, and finally when she would sing back melodies in baby talk…..on pitch. !!! I was thrilled. Now I am so blessed that she has chosen to seek a degree in music education.
    It is hard to believe that it is a coincidence…maybe a bit of something in the genes…?
    It will be a great day when I can put up a pic of her getting her degree in music ed in a frame with me getting mine 🙂 , But I must thank her friend, teacher and mentor most of all, who lovingly inspired and
    advised her all along the way….Ms.Joy Poole!
    It is a wonderful journey being a Mom, and it shows how much you already love it ❤

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