To the Beach!

A couple of weeks ago, we took Julia to the beach for the first time.


Despite growing up a bike ride’s distance from the ocean, I don’t get out to the beach too much these days. I think I’d forgotten how much I love the salty air and wide-open expanse of God’s creation.


I was never a fan of the actual water, though, and Julia seemed to take after her mom in that regard.


She was like, “Mom, this is COLD!”

We went with my parents, which brought back memories of evening walks on the beach during the summer. The setting sun makes the sand look golden, the tourists have gone in for supper, and the crashing tide imposes its will upon the shoreline.



Of course, this being such a momentous occasion, Dad brought his ginormous video camera, and both my mom and husband had their DSLRs. So, it was a very well-documented event.



In fact, my Dad put together a little montage of our outing! Hope you enjoy it!


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