The Little Personality that Lives in my House

I get such a kick out of this girl.

funnygirl lowqual

Julia turned 8 months on Saturday, and wow is she developing her own little personality!

I love watching her eyes and mouth open SO wide as she reaches…and rolls…and reaches…and army crawls… and reaches…until she finally grabs a hold of that tantalizing tag on the rug.

I love the enthusiasm with which she grabs my hair and pulls my cheek to her mouth when I say, “KISSES!!!!”

I love how she instantly starts bouncing her left heel on the table as soon as I put her in the Bumbo seat. Every time.

I love that little bottom lip that pops out when some strange adult is holding her and she sees her mommy take a step away.

I love how she sees me coming to pick her up and smiles so big that her pacifier falls out.

I love the random syllables she uses to talk to her toys.

I love the squinty-eyed, closed-lip giddy grin she puts on in the morning when she’s sitting in her pjs on the rug waiting for me to get dressed and spots me in the mirror.

I love how excited she is to grab her soft lovey bunny in her crib when I put her there for a nap.

I love how she bites her bottom lip as she bangs away on her little piano. As if she’s concentrating so hard to get those scales just right.

I love the little squeal of glee when I put her in the swing and say, “One…Two…Three…GO!!!”

I love the surprised little shout when, from her swing, she spots her Daddy in the distance, jogging another lap around the playground.

I love that little pursed-lip raised-eyebrows look she gives me from down in her stroller when we’re headed home after our evening walk that says, “This is nice, being outside and all, but will I be getting my bath when we get home? Just checking.”

I love the deep belly-laughs we shared tonight when she suddenly figured out what “splash” means and how to do it. Oh goodness, I haven’t laughed so much in ages! And I’ve never heard her giggle that hard, either!

I love how she goes from a squirmy wet bundle of giggles after bathtime, to the most peaceful, limp, precious sleeping face. I can’t resist kissing those cheeks one last time before surrendering her to the crib.

I love the person that little Julia Faith is becoming.


3 thoughts on “The Little Personality that Lives in my House

  1. She is stinkin’ adorable!! I love that expression on her face! 😀 It’s such fun to watch them change and grow every day. But…then you want them to STOP growing, and stay small, right? 😉

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