About Me

Hi! My name is Mrs. Poole. It’s nice to meet you!

I am a happily married, Jesus-following, Bible-studying, fast-paced, straight-laced, crafty, slightly nerdy, missions-minded,  type A music teacher who has crossed over into the world of full-time Mommyhood as of August 2012. I worked for 6 years at a Christian school teaching middle/high school choir, handbells, Music Theory, Praise & Worship, and 7th grade Bible before our little girl entered the world and my life completely changed. I still teach piano, help out with the spring musical at the school, and volunteer in our church’s music department, but my career goals are now focused on raising Godly children of my own, instead of shepherding (or more like corralling, depending on the day) my 100 or so students. This blog chronicles my transition into the stay-at-home Mommy Club.

Mr. Poole and I met during my first year of teaching. We were actually set up by a lady who had known me since childhood and who went to church with the handsome, intelligent, faithful, servant-hearted civil engineer who is now my husband. We got engaged within a year and were married in the summer of 2008. We have a little home in South Florida, just a mile from the PCA church where Mr. Poole serves as a deacon and where I help direct the choir.

When I was teaching at the Christian school, my relationship with my students was very important to me. I built my educational philosophy around the belief that the best learning takes place in a safe environment where there is two-way respect, discipline, love, and trust. Especially as a choir teacher, I knew that my students and I had to trust each other in order for us to make music together, and the best way to earn that trust was to develop personal relationships with each of them. My best teaching moments didn’t necessarily happen in the classroom, but involved long bus ride conversations, mission trip projects, late-night slap-happiness at rehearsal, impromptu performances at Taco Bell, side-splitting games of Freeze and Justify, study parties at my house, and after-school trips to Starbucks.

During my 5th year teaching, I went with the freshman class on a mission trip to a 3rd-world model missionary training camp where we lived in cabins without electricity, cared for the gardens and agricultural life, took cold showers, and used outhouses for 4 days as the students learned about the sacrifice, service, and selflessness required on the mission field. I had been on this trip twice before, but I really bonded with the 10 girls that shared our cabin that year, which we affectionately named “The Poole House” (as opposed to the “Lake House,” where Mrs. Lake was staying).  When we returned to modern civilization and the busyness of homework, sports, and classes threatened to make us forget the lessons we had learned on the trip, I started posting monthly notes on the lockers of my “Poole House Girls,” sharing experiences and spiritual truths that God was laying on my own heart, and encouraging them to continue to pursue their walk with the Lord. These locker notes have continued until now, when my lack of presence on campus is a slight inhibitor. But it is my prayer that this blog will be a way for me to continue sharing what God is doing in my life – maybe not only to my Poole House Girls, but to anyone who might be encouraged by walking with me on my spiritual journey.


2 thoughts on “About Me

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  2. You’re the best Mrs. Poole!!! God has really blessed you, and he’s blessed us by allowing you to teach us! Thank God for all of your kind service and wonderful worship. You are truely and example to all. 🙂

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